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Welcome to the website of Brocante-International.

There is still a huge demand for bric-abrac, brocante. High-quality, affordable furniture and accessories are scarce and are getting harder and harder to find. Thanks to our many years of purchasing experience, we welcome you with a unique, affordable, brocante range.

We have partnered with one of the largest, Hungarian traders. A party that delivers solid stuff, its commitments and a delivers a wide, affordable range. The brocante furniture does come directly with from the supplier, so from the source! Of course, at very interesting wholesale prices, so ideal for resale!

The items; cabinets, stools, dressers, chairs, stools, enamel, glass and many more, can be ordered online on a specially developed web shop, directly from stock. We do deliver, international, worldwide and can arrange all the required documents.

  • Masterpieces furniture
  • High quality
  • Reliable
  • International deliveries
  • Easy to order everything online
  • A wide, varied assortment
  • Very interesting wholesale prices!
  • You buy directly from the source

More information

If your want more information and want to visit the online webshop, please send your company details, company name, contact person and your website. You can mail your application to us at

Brocante-International is a formula of Spoor 38 BV, The Netherlands